BRUSCHETTA FLATBREAD: Olive oil/herb base, tomato, red onion, garlic, mozza, fresh basil & balsamic 13

BLACKENED CHICKEN SPRING ROLLS: Blackened chicken, red & green cabbage, feta, with sweet chili thai sauce & mango habanero chutney 14

VEGGIE SPRING ROLLS: Carrots, green onion, red & green cabbage, feta, with sweet chili thai sauce & mango habanero chutney 13

SHRIMP SKEWERS: Cajun shrimp, mixed greens & grilled lemon 13.5

CALAMARI: Lightly seasoned, fried, with giardiniera relish, horseradish marinara & aioli 13.5

HOUSE WINGS (1lb): Beer BBQ / Jamaican jerk / hot / garlic parm / lemon pepper / honey garlic 13.5

ZUCCHINI ROUNDS: Breaded in-house, fried, with fresh parmesan & dill mayonnaise 7

HOUSE-CUT FRIES: With sea salt, aioli & house ketchup 7.5

HUMMUS: House made, with grilled naan bread, feta, crudité & olive oil 12

SOUP: Our daily creation, ask your server 7


CAESAR: Romaine, bacon, avocado, artisanal croutons, shaved parmesan & choice of dressing 12.5

NONA: Leaf lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, green onion, olives, feta & creamed avocado vinaigrette 11.5

KALE: Grapefruit segments, avocado, raisins, pine nuts, parmigiano reggiano, marinated in sherry vinaigrette 13.5

ROASTED BEET: Arugula, marinated beets, goat cheese, candied walnuts, orange segments, lemon honey vinaigrette, fresh thyme 14

WARM GOAT CHEESE: Mixed greens, breaded pan-fried goat cheese, sundried tomato chutney, fried capers & cider vinaigrette 13

COBB: Romaine & red leaf, bacon, avocado, cherry tomatoes, red onion, hard boiled egg, lankaaster blue cheese crumble & red wine vinaigrette 15

Served with our House Caesar, Nona Salad, or House-Cut Fries

SMASHED CHICKEN WRAP: Parmesan crusted chicken breast, St. Alberts mozzarella, romaine, avocado, shaved parmigiano reggiano, bacon, caesar vinaigrette, aioli 15

ESCA BURGER: Ground prime beef, dill mayo, bacon onion jam, mozzarella, tomato, lettuce 19

ESCALIBURG: Seasoned ground chuck, peppered bacon, aged cheddar, lettuce, onion floss & esca sauce, on a brioche bun, with a deep fried pickle, breaded in-house 20

FISH TACOS: Haddock, flour tortilla, red cabbage, santa fe salsa, dill cream sauce & mixed greens 14

QUESADILLA: Asian spice chicken, mozzarella, bruschetta, avocado 15

BOURBON MAC ‘N CHEESE: Aged cheddar, parmesan & kale, topped with bacon & bread crumbs 14

PIMENTO GRILLED CHEESE: Aged orange & white cheddars, mayonnaise, pimento, cayenne, pickle 15

GRILLED VEG WRAP: Grilled vegetables, goat cheese, arugula, pesto aioli 14


Classic Poutine, or our award-winning Jerk Chicken Poutine, with house-cut fries, jerk marinated chicken, local cheese curds, house-made gravy, bell pepper, green onion, & yogurt/jerk sauce 11/15

MARGHERITA: Tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, basil 15

VEG: Spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella, feta, roasted red peppers, zucchini, sundried tomato chutney 15.5

SERGEANT PEPP: Tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni 14.5

YANKEE: Tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper 15

DYNA: Pesto, feta, blackened chicken, roasted roma tomato, honey drizzle 18

GENOA: Tomato sauce, mozzarella, genoa salami, fennel sausage, bacon 18

PROSCIUTTO: Tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, parmigiano reggiano, arugula 18

NEW CHAMP: Spicy marinara, roasted cremini & portobello, fresh thyme, truffle oil, shaved parmesan 18

LYSSIE: Tomato sauce, goat cheese, soppressata salami, portobello mushroom, broccoli confetti, tomato 17

VESUVIUS: Spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella, chorizo, mushroom, banana pepper, olive, oregano, cayenne 17

CHIPOTLE: Chipotle base, mozzarella, maple smoked bacon, fresh bruschetta, chicken, onion floss 17

RURBAN: Beer-infused BBQ sauce, mozzarella, grilled chicken, bacon, green onion, green peppers, beet-infused sour cream drizzle 18

PHIP: Pesto base, braised duck, mozza, roasted red pepper, cabbage, Asian bbq drizzle, black sesame seed 19

JEDI: Pesto crème, mozzarella, chicken, bacon, roasted red pepper, portobello mushroom, caramelized onion, balsamic drizzle 18

PHILLY: Chipotle base, mozza, shaved beef tenderloin, mushroom, caramelized onion, green onion/pepper, horseradish basil-cream 19

*Gluten free crust available upon request, add $2.5

Ask your server for our selection of desserts, specialty coffees and teas

We're proud to work with these local suppliers:

Cardinal & Son
Rurban Brewing
Fromagerie St-Albert
Cassel Brewery
Riley's Bakery
Beaus Brewing
Avonmore Berry Farm
Jambel Cuisine
Glengarry Fine Cheese